Enterprise Data Protection

Reliable enterprise data protection is a must-have for organizations today. Solid data-centric security helps minimizing risk, ensuring compliance and securing your growth.

Data protection across the enterprise without compromise.

Payments Transformation

Today’s payment ecosystem is being disrupted by evolving technologies, new payment methods, and regulations. Therefore, banks need to focus on an innovative business strategy to turn these disruptions into opportunities.

Planning and executing new digital business models is complex and usually can’t be supported by existing systems as recent innovations and requirements have gone beyond their original scope.

Discover how comforte can help your organization to differentiate and grow in the payments market.


HPE Nonstop Solutions

comforte was founded in 1998 by the developers of MR-Win6530, an acknowledged terminal emulation package notably for NonStop systems.

Our team has more than 20 years of experience developing solutions specifically for the HPE NonStop servers (and for Tandem servers before that). comforte has grown to serve the NonStop community with a wide range of products for secure connectivity, digital enablement (often referred to as modernization), and data protection and security.

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HPE NonStop Solutions

Trusted solutions serving the NonStop community

For more than 20 years, comforte has developed trusted solutions for HPE NonStop systems embraced by more than 500 successful businesses worldwide. 

As companies expand their presence into the digital world, comforte continues to be the leader of software solutions in the areas of data security, digital enablement, and connectivity.

comforte solutions position businesses to exceed customer demands, offer new services, and retain privacy and trust.

Security threats impact enterprises

...and extend concerns to NonStop systems. Data must be protected, and security measures and controls have to be comprehensive in order to defend against threats and incidents of all types

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Digital Enablement = Digitized Business

Unlock and access valuable data on your NonStop systems to satisfy customer demands, compete against disrupters, and gain new business.

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Connectivity for people and systems

Fast secure connections to NonStops empower people and organizations to confidently transact business and provide services across company boundaries, and to the web or cloud.

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Strategic Partnership with HPE

Strategic Partnership with HPE

HPE and comforte have worked closely together for many years and officially formed a Strategic Partnership worldwide in 2004.

HPE relies on the technical expertise of comforte and has included comforte-designed security solutions in the Operating System of every NonStop system shipped since 2010. Additionally, the comforte terminal emulator - MR-Win6530 - is shipped on NonStop Consoles (NSCs) for Open Systems Management (OSM).

Find more info the HPE Technology Partner website.

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