Secure all mission-critical assets.

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    Protection of data at rest, data in transit and more

    Harness leading security solutions that enable tokenization of data at rest, encryption of data in transit, and more.

  • Protect Products


    SecurDPS is an on premise enterprise wide tokenization and encryption solution which provides the technology to successfully protect sensitive data with minimal efforts and in many cases without changing existing applications. SecurDPS allows organizations to take complete control of their sensitive data, lower compliance costs and significantly reduce the impact of data breaches.


    PANfinder™ is a comprehensive PAN data discovery software solution which scans systems for any unprotected PAN data.


    SecurOS is a bundle of proven comForte security solutions providing encryption of data-in-motion.


    With SecurSSO, users can log onto HPE NonStop Servers through their existing Windows credentials, and gain single sign-on access to all authorized applications, including TACL and other NonStop services.


    SafePoint® offers an intuitive, centralized interface that enables administrators to more efficiently and effectively manage Safeguard security. With SafePoint, administrators get a single solution for managing, monitoring and reporting upon multiple NonStop systems – which yields significant time and cost savings.


    SecurLib enables the integration of SSL encryption into self-written TCP/IP applications. It also enables database encryption and easy access to cryptographic algorithms.


    SecurTape transparently adds encryption to backup tapes written on the NonStop system.


    SecurTN provides secure and manageable high volume Telnet access to 6530, 3270, and OSS applications running on HPE NonStop systems. It combines the functionality of a powerful Telnet/TN3270 server with session encryption and auditing facilities in a single, integrated product.