PAN data discovery software

  • Description

    Comprehensive PAN data discovery software solution

    PANfinder™ searches HPE NonStop systems for hidden and unmasked/unencrypted payment card data. It provides a method of scanning systems for unprotected PAN data (Primary Account Number).

    This ensures there are no live PANs residing in unauthorized locations and also provides organizations with a way of proving that all PANs on the systems are being stored in accordance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS).


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  • Features of PANFinder 

    Increased speed of data discovery scans through configurable scan parameters.
    False Positive Reduction
    Built-in algorithm checks reduce the number of false-positive results ensuring high quality PANfinder reports.
    Test PANs
    Use of Test PANs allows to carry out specific data leak tests.
    Easy Configuration
    Flexible configuration options ensure high quality scan reports and allow to build up a history of reports.
    Reports and SIEM Integration
    Summary and Detailed reports are generated as CSVs, making storage and analysis easy. The content of reports conforms to PCI-DSS requirements in terms of PAN-masking. PANfinder's Syslog output can be used for integration into Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)/enterprise audit logging solutions such as LogLogic and RSA enVision etc.
    Agent Mode
    PANfinder can run in agent mode where it constantly monitors the configured file set for suspect PAN data.
    Supported Platforms
    PANfinder is currently available for all HPE NonStop servers including S Series, Itanium and Blade etc.

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