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    SecurOS is a bundle of proven comForte security solutions which HPE has incorporated into its HPE NonStop Operating System H and J series.

    SecurOS provides NonStop users who are running NonStop S-series systems with an efficient and cost-effective way to encrypt data-in-motion.

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    SSL encryption for TCP/IP based protocols such as Telnet, RSC, MQ or EXPANDSecurCS will enhance the security of protocols such as Telnet, Remote Server Call (RSC), Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) or MQ Series by transparently adding SSL encryption capabilities to the protocol. It also allows to encrypt traffic on EXPAND lines connecting multiple NonStop servers.


    SecurFTP provides secure file transfer between NonStop systems and other platforms. It supports a rich set of platforms and protocols and can be integrated in existing FTP environments very easily.

    SecurFTP comes in two "flavours" supporting either the SSL or SSH encryption standard (or both).


    A comprehensive, enterprise Secure Shell ( SSH ) solution for HPE NonStop servers. It delivers end-to-end communications security, strong authentication and auditing for system administration, file transfer, and applications connectivity.

    It includes secure shell client and server with full pseudo terminal support as well as SFTP client and server. It also offers transparent TCP and FTP port forwarding capabilities.

    Furthermore, as optional add-on, SSHLIB provides full control over an outgoing secure shell session via a simple programming interface (API). SSHLIB includes configurable pattern matching for incoming screen data allowing simplified implementation of automation tasks executed via a secure connection.

  • Resources

    SecurFTP SSL Data Sheet

    SecurFTP SSL Data Sheet

    Data Sheet PDF

    comForte SecurSH Data Sheet

    SecurSH Data Sheet

    Data Sheet PDF

    Connection Article Sep/Oct 2005 Secure File Transfer

    Secure File Transfer

    Article from the Connection Magazine

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